Project Details

Our work on Girl Child Empowerment looks at four key intertwined pillars:

  • Keeping girls in school
  • Economic empowerment
  • Sustainable agriculture production
  • Sexual reproductive health

Our work is aiming at supporting Government efforts for a better Malawi.  We aim to ensure that all Malawians especially rural women and girls prosper and realize their potential and the four pillars are key to that realization.  We will work with Government partners, NGOs, community structures, women and girls and all Malawians who share the vision of an inclusive and prosperous Malawi.

Our Pillars:


Keeping Girls in school:

Education is a central pillar to empowerment and economic emancipation.  Malawi’s experiences very high girl drop out of school.  The Demographic Survey of 2017 reveal that majority of women have primary school as highest level of education.  67% attended primary school compared to only 5% who attended secondary school.  Percentage of households with no education is higher in rural areas (16%) than in urban areas (5%).  The report also noted that education attainment is linked to wealth.  Women in the lowest wealth quintile completed only 1.6 years of schooling compared to 6.5years of schooling for those in the highest wealth quintile.  The same applies to national attendance ratio which is 5% in lowest wealth quintile households an at 42% among households in the highest wealth quantile.


The foundation will work with various stakeholders to increase access and completion of education by especially rural girls who are mostly disadvantaged than their male counterparts.  The Foundation will aim to address the barriers to education looking at both material needs and also structural barriers.

Material needs include:

  • School fees – provision of scholarships and bursaries
  • Uniform – provision of uniform support
  • Security issues – provision of safe schools
  • Hygiene practices – sanitary pads provision, wash facilities, safe toilets friendly to girls
  • Learning materials – depending on level – books, pencils, laptops etc.