Our Mission, Vision and Values


The Foundation is registered with all the relevant regulatory bodies in Malawi including The Registrar General, NGO Board, Council for Non-Governmental Organizations (CONGOMA) and the Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA)


Promoting the holistic development of the village girl and street child.


“A holistic citizen empowered for social impact through emancipation from a difficult childhood in the village or on the streets.”


  1. Compassion: We hear the stories of village girls and street children to appreciate their plight, context, and resilience.
  2. Partnership: We collaborate with other stakeholders to synergize efforts and resources towards common goals
  3. Integrity: We operate our programs legally, honestly, fairly, and faithfully to sustain the public trust that makes our work possible.
  4. Impact: We measure our effectiveness by the difference our work makes to the lives of those we serve.
  5. Dignity: We treat those we serve as we ourselves desire to be treated, as persons with intrinsic value, infinite worth, and innate agency.


The Foundation will work in partnership with relevant Government Ministries, International and National NGOs, the Private Sector and Individuals.

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